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The Brand

We live in a time of great civil unrest around the world, which has brought renewed focus to local injustices in Canada. The need for healing, racial understanding, peace, and unity through community is undeniable. Humanity is searching for answers and looking to learn how we can make the world more safe, equal, and just for everyone. We can meet our community where they’re at through creativity, empowering the next generation of visionary thinkers and doers to tackle these issues head-on.


The branding for the BLM Social Justice Art Project reflects the diversity, symbolizing the coming together of our differences to form coherent, systematic, and united lines of action that contribute to bettering our communities and amplifying the voices of Black peoples, who have been targets of racism and systemic injustices for far too long. 


The logo, as the primary identifier, is built of spaces 'to belong'. It consists of patterns and shapes that have been inspired by the various elements that make up Abbotsford, from its cultural sites and natural landscapes to its rich Indigenous history and diverse residents. The shapes are meant to reflect diversity; even though they are different, through their combination and unity they form the letters "BLM". The logo is intended to remain in black and white in order to remove any distraction and allow the focus to be on 'unity within diversity. 


The color palette for this brand has been chosen carefully, meditatively, and respectfully. It is inspired by the paintings of the 4 artists participating in the BLM Social Justice Art Project. The colors serve to bring life, inclusion, and recognition to the artists’ messages of inclusivity and the dismantling of racism.


BLM Social Justice Art Project branding has been designed by Sharareh Hamed, a recent UFV graduate from the BFA program, with a major in Graphic + Digital Design. Given the time constraints of the project, she very quickly adapted the branding from a concept she previously designed in response to the #BLM movement in the summer of 2020. By placing the artists at the center of her efforts, she created a visual system that strives to represent the objectives of the exhibition. Her philosophy behind this design movement is the rejection of personal expression and eccentric solutions, and the application of a scientific and spiritual solution to design.

Thank you, 

Sharareh Hamed

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