Your skin is your identity and not a crime! No one should ever have to endure injustice based on the color of their skin. Incidents of police brutality and racially motivated violence against the Black community have given rise to Black Lives Matter, a social movement that works to eradicate white supremacy and dismantle racism.


The Black Lives Matter Social Justice Art Project promotes Blackness, supports healing, and reflects harmony. My project features a portrait of a Black woman who looks directly at the viewers with flames in her eyes. Adorned in a traditional gown, she stands strong in a powerful position with her hands clenched into a fist, resembling political solidarity. Her blazing eyes fueled by desire, confronts the viewers by enraging, encouraging, and inspiring them to join her fight against racial injustice and brutality.


The Firefly serves as a reminder for all of the innocent lives lost. This portrait depicts the strength of the Black community and how they have put up a front against the unjust society of white supremacists. The Firefly strives to bring justice, strength, healing, and freedom to the Black community and spread awareness to spark a conversation that would eventually instigate a change.

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Bangladeshi born Faria Firoz is studying in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at UFV. She has completed her Advanced Levels in Arts and Design from Cambridge International Examinations. Faria is a contemporary realist painter whose art practice deals with culture and identity. She has participated in numerous art exhibitions over the past few years. Her painting “Hurricane” is published in the Hebrew Learning for 8th Graders. She has designed multiple book covers for Ruddur Publications and is currently working on children’s book illustrations.