She / Her

The Diaspora of Black Lives

My artwork is a conglomerate of flags from the depths of Africa to the Caribbean. The Black Lives Matter movement is not something that started last year; this has been an ongoing battle since the dawn of time. Since colonizers promised us a fruitful afterlife for suffering at their hands.


My artwork is our identity. It is Black history and Black culture. Living in this dystopia we call home, fighting for Justice, fighting for the right to be heard. Fighting for the right to leave our homes without the sound of death calling our name, my artwork is a reflection.


I know every Black person can identify their roots here. I know that they can feel a sense of belonging when the world is fighting for them to feel alien. I know my work will bring us together because united we stand and divided, we fall.

Acrylic - 2021
Group 23.png

Michelle Msami is a UFV student and an Abbotsford-based artist. Born and raised in Botswana, Africa, she completed her GCSE in 2016, and then went on to graduate from the International Baccalaureate diploma program at Westwood International School in 2018. While at Westwood, Michelle explored conceptual art, shaping her as an artist in how and what she uses to make art. Her works and sketches are an exploration of the shadow selves. Using acrylic paint, she incorporates collage and layers of oil paint, glitter, and graphite. She likes to explore multiple ways of making art look real, from short and quick strokes to well-blended hues, shadows, and highlights. She does not research or plan her works often, but appreciates the spontaneous flooding of ideas that come to her. While creating, she likes to remove herself from art, so only the art exists. When she dissociates, she becomes a tool for art to create itself. It feels like she is collecting the emotions and the messages from the outside, with no biases.